About Us

Our online, black vendors hub was established in 2010 to provide feature listings of Vendors, Crafters,  Exhibitors, and Small Business owners that sell Afrocentric gifts, accessories, apparel, art, bath and body products, candles, food vendors listing, home decor, and jewelry. We feature events as public announcements and information, but the events also serve as vending opportunities for our members.

What makes this website so special? It’s where event coordinators, organizers, and planners come when they are seeking well established, afrocentric vendors to enhance and support the experience of their events. We have a fast-growing contact list of vendors from all over the US  awaiting notification of expos, conferences, events, festivals, vending opportunities, etc. The culture of the events featured goes hand-in-hand with the environment that many of our members search for when seeking enjoyment and entertainment. In short, we ARE the central hub where black culture vendors and event planners connect and collaborate