Art 2 Light Designs – Virginia

Art 2 Light Designs – Virginia

Art2Light Designs is the brainchild of Lateef Jawara. After receiving a BS in Criminal Justice and a MA in Addiction Counseling, he still had a desire to pursue his love for Art. Lateef uses the concept of art on the light switch plates to capture the history and culture of our people. Lateef believes that the use of art on the light switch plate would provide us with a daily reminder of our great history, struggles and accomplishments.
Art2Light Designs specializes in Afrocentric decorative light switch plates all handmade in the USA. We have compiled an extensive collection of beautiful, tasteful designs for switch plates that will blend perfectly with your decor. Art2Light’s original switch plate designs incorporate images of nature, culture, history and contemporary designs, sports and music. We also customize.

Lateef uses profits from his light switch plates to help support the organization “Missing To Light”. Missing To Light shines light on missing children and adults by posting information, photos, flyers and updates. A child goes missing in the United States every 40 seconds and over 2,000 people every day

Art2Light switch plates are decorative but carry a story of our great heritage. Purchasing our light switch plates give back to our community and support a great cause.



Artistically Designed, Culturally Created, and Soulfully Inspired Cultural Home Adornment , ,

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