Favored Jewels in Season – Missouri

Favored Jewels in Season – Missouri

Name of Business: Favored Jewels in Season

Owner: Jocelyn Clark

Website: Paparazzi

Facebook: Favored Jewels in Season 

Jocelyn Clark is a Saint Louis native Mom, Wife, and Entrepreneur. She is the founder of her business “Favored Jewels In Season”(Paparazzi) her desire is to empower women who are seeking to become financially independent. She will be providing fabulous, affordable and accessible jewelry. She is ready to inspire and teach others how to become an independent jewelry Consultant. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing to jazz music, reading, writing, poetry, and spending time with her family and friends. Most of all she loves God.


Afrocentric Accessories and Fashion Artistically Designed, Culturally Created, and Soulfully Inspired Black Culture Jewelry , ,

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