Live In Love 327 – Ohio

Live In Love 327 – Ohio

At Live in Love, we aim to make it affordable to show off your style in our mostly African inspired jewelry. We believe in your desire to own as many statement pieces as you want without breaking the budget or the bank.

Our customers’ external appearance is a reflection of the confidence they have.  They want to keep their culture alive or promote the culture through statement pieces that DEMAND attention. Live in Love knows no rules and believes in individuality. Be the centerpiece in any environment; let your jewelry be a conversation starter or finisher. Whether you decide to blend with the crowd or be the “IT” at an event we can accessorize your look and make sure you don’t regret your purchase with us.

Live in Love is woman owned and operated in Cincinnati, Ohio but will be available at different events, pop ups and festivals. We are devoted to providing exceptional service and updated African trends.

Name of Business : Live In Love 327



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